Carpet Cleaning
Cleaning Chelmsford's Carpets for over 15 Years.

Professional Chelmsford Based Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner Chelmsford

My name is Tony and I am the owner operator of Rooms to Clean Limited. I have been cleaning carpets in Chelmsford for over 15 Years. I use a top of the range professional cleaning machine and have the experience and equipment to deal with all aspects of carpet cleaning.

We offer a reliable, friendly and local service. As we are an independent small business we are able to offer very competitive prices. All works are guaranteed and we pride ourselves on our results.

Deep cleaning with no re-soiling.

We use a powerful professional machine with the latest cleaning products. We remove dirt from deep inside the carpet with no sticky shampoo residue left behind. As all the dirt and residue is removed unlike DIY or some other cleaners. The carpets feel and look great and will stay cleaner for much longer.

chelmsford carpet cleaning

Asthma and Allergy Suffers

Our deep cleaning removes allergens, dust mites and their droppings, pollutants and pollens. The products we use are safe for the chemically sensitive and our cleaning process is ideal for asthma, hay fever and eczema sufferers. Your carpet acts as a giant filter for your home. Regular cleaning is recognised in most western countries like Canada, America and Australia as an effective method in helping control the symptoms of sufferers. We are able to offer specialist treatments for the prevention of dust mites in the home. Dust mite are one of the worst causes of symptoms in allergy nd asthma sufferers.

Domestic and Commercial Welcome

As well as residential customers we have a number of existing pubs, hotels, care homes, shops, restaurants and many others. We carry a full range of professional cleaning products for all situations. Carpets are ready to walk on straight after cleaning and with dry times of a few hours. For a free no obligation quotation please feel free to call. We offer competitive prices and guarantee you excellent results.